Increasing demands on automation technology in the age of Industry 4.0 are now commonplace. In project planning phases and customer discussions, the aspect of software project planning is missing, although the requirements for integrating a system into the company’s IT are constantly increasing. SG Nickl therefore focuses on internal software know-how for the integration of industrial software solutions in order to be the holistic point of contact for the customer.

Accordingly, we have PC-based solutions in our portfolio, enabling a transition between physical and virtual environments. The software development offers far more extensive interface options, independence from control technology and the ability to integrate databases such as MySQL, MSSQL or IoTDB. Our solutions offer high scalability for process adaptations, product changes or changes to the workflow.

Connected Machine

Connected machines

Our software solution is based on a web server that enables operation via a browser. This means that the visualization can be called up on all machines in the same network. All machines (including different control systems) can be integrated and, for example, send their alarms and logs to a central server.

Integration of external components

It has become standard practice for external components in mechanical engineering not to be integrated in a targeted manner.
This means that robots must be operated with an extra control unit and cameras require an external screen to view the images.

With our software solution, error analysis and the operability of external components is extensively enhanced.

Camera Popup
Alarm Handling

Database-based data handling

With a database in the background, logs and alarms from several systems can be viewed and analyzed directly in our user interface. This means that remote support for retrospective error analysis is targeted and problem-free.

Furthermore, order handling for processing components can be integrated flexibly, configurably and clearly arranged in this solution. The orders may be stored directly on the server or specified by a control system.

Production data analysis & Predictive Maintenance

Eventually, this makes it easy to analyze production data such as the duration of a robot program or the travel time of a cylinder. In the case of a cylinder, conclusions can be drawn about the state of wear if the movement has slowed down.

Tracking Chart

Certified partner

As a certified partner, SG Nickl supports you with all your request regarding automation.