Today’s automation relies on high flexibility for possible product adaptations and changes. Robots can be used optimally for this purpose. Unlike many machine builders, we have in-house robotics expertise, which means that robots can be perfectly integrated into your system requirements. For us, the robot is not an external component. Our solutions aim to ensure that the robot can be operated in the production environment via the system visualization.

There are very many robot manufacturers, but the operation is usually designed identically. In terms of software development, robots offer far greater possibilities than those used by most machine builders.


Integration & programming

We are your partner from the fully automated system with robots, the integration of robots into your existing process to the programming of your robots:

  • Path planning and programming of ABB, KUKA, Denso, Mitsubishi and UR-Robotern
  • Optimization of robot programs & processes
  • Interface programming from the robot to the controller

The selection of a collaborative robot for robot applications that enable cooperation between humans and robots is not sufficient on its own to ensure safety. ISO/TS 15066 requires force/pressure measurements to validate that the robot’s safety devices comply with the biomechanical limits.

SG Nickl has state-of-the-art measuring equipment and the necessary know-how to evaluate and approve your collaborative robot process as such.

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Application & innovation

A robot and its programming is only as good as its application.
SG Nickl supports you in all areas:

  • Camera recognition in pick-n-place processes
  • Development of specific gripper for your application
  • Retrofit and spare parts procurement for your existing application
  • Integration of force sensors for a safe process
  • Conveyor-Applications
  • Standardization of interfaces and processes for user-friendly robot integration

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Certified partner

As a certified partner, SG Nickl supports you with all your request regarding automation.