During its many years of activity in mechanical engineering and maintenance concepts for systems, SG Nickl has realized that in-house production capacities are necessary to meet tight schedules.
Due to the expansion and focus of production at the Malente site, SG Nickl has expanded its expertise in fixture construction.


Ergonomic manual workstation

The efficiency and health of your employees is important to us!
Based on our experience in the interaction between man and machine (e.g. HRC robotics), we would like to offer our customers production options that go beyond fully automated production. Humans are necessary in some production steps and should be able to work highly efficiently and ergonomically.

Special appliances

SG Nickl always strives to increase customer satisfaction and employee efficiency. This also includes the production of special equipment that allows employees to make their workplace more accessible, such as a mobile cleaning unit that allows our plant to be cleaned quickly without a great deal of preparation.


Contract manufacturing

SG Nickl has had a production center in Malente since December 2018. Our team works there with state-of-the-art turning and milling machines. As your partner for future-oriented orders, we are at your disposal for all inquiries.

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Certified partner

SG Nickl is your certified partner for all automation requests!